Ross Networking Consultants, Inc.
Computer Repair

Computer Repair - PC and MAC

Is your computer running slow?  Are you experiencing errors or freezing? Does your computer take a while to boot up? These are just a few examples of computer problems that negatively impact your productivity and cost companies billions of dollars each year.

Support and Prevention 

When you need support, you need it now! Our certified support professionals can be reached 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. In about 90% of cases, we can fix your computer issues remotely. This means faster response and resolution to your computer problems. In cases where onsite support is required, our usual arrival time is same or next day support from the call-in time.

Computer Monitoring Service

We also offer a computer monitoring service that automatically alerts us when potential problems are found on your computers. Some examples of what gets monitored include:
  • Antivirus update - checks to ensure latest definition files are being used.
  • Disk space change - check to alert for problems that are causing drive space to be consumed at a rapid rate.
  • Disk health - checks to alert for failing disks.
  • Hacker - check to alert for a high rate of unauthorized login attempts.
  • Event log – checks for critical computer issues.
  • Windows service - check on services that are on auto-start that have not started.