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Web Design & Development

You don’t want a good website, you want a great one!

Your website is the single most important marketing tool for your business. Not only should your website provide visitors with information about your business, it should be engaging so that visitors are compelled to return to your website often. Your website should be designed with the goal to convert visitors into customers.

Web Design

We understand that websites have many purposes and are designed for various audiences. Our design methodology employs best practice design processes to insure your website is built according to your goals. These processes include:
  1. Project Definition
  2. Site Structure
  3. Visual Design
  4. Site Development
  5. Testing
  6. Site Launch

Project Definition

The most critical step in the web design process is creating an accurate project definition. We start off by meeting with you to become familiar with your business and website specifications. We use a client survey to gather information needed for developing your website. The client survey includes information such as the purpose of your website, the type of website (i.e. brochure, e-commerce, social networking, etc.), defining the target audience, the URL, technical specifications, schedule, marketing plan, and maintenance considerations.

Site Structure

Great web design requires solid site architecture based on the site's goals and target audience established in the project definition. Working closely with you, we create a content outline, a site diagram, page description diagrams, page layouts, and navigation structure.

Visual Design

The visual appearance of the website must be harmonious. There must be consideration of colors, color matching, branding, balance, proportion, dominance, font, graphics, and elements. In this phase, several samples of the homepage and subpages are developed and reviewed with you for your feedback. Once you are satisfied with the visual design, we begin the site development.

Site Development

This phase is where we start building your website. Consideration is made for target platform, target bowsers (including mobile devices), display resolution, connection speeds, and page download size. In addition, coding standards and technology must be determined. These include WC3 web standards. A sample of technology used may include:

We provide the options to use website templates to streamline the process or create the website from scratch. In addition, we code your website to be search friendly in order to maximize organic search results. We also discuss options for paid search such as Google Ad-Words to get your site noticed by potential customers.

During the site development process, we develop your website on our servers and allow you to view our progress. This way, we can get your feedback throughout the development process.


Testing is another critical phase in the development of your website. Testing insures your website meets high quality standards prior to your site launch. If you have misspelled words or broken links, it reflects poorly for your company.

We have a Quality Assurance team that rigorously tests your website using a set of industry standard tools. Our QA team checks the following website parameters:

Site Launch

The site launch should be an exciting moment for you as your site goes live. Our development process insures the launch goes as smooth as possible. From this point forward, we will maintain your website so that it is current, provide you with website analytics, and monitor performance.